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Hoya Plants Import, May 2024

It was my third or fourth time ordering plants from this Hoya Seller. As always, it has been a great experience. The plants arrive fast and were packaged safely. (I've spent three minutes trying to remove the tape and find the opening in the box.) This time, the box...

Two Days of Packing and Shipping

I woke up at 5:00. We had a severe wind and rain, and it sounded like the End of the World outside. Texas weather, you know. The only thing that bothered me was that our Alumnet shade would fly away. But no, everything was in place, except several small figs in pots...

How to Propagate Hoya Successfully

My favorite part in the process of growing houseplants is Hoya propagation. But hang on, the first thing I must tackle is planning the space. I know it might not be the thrilling part, but it's as essential as making that crucial cut. I won't pretend I've always...

Hoya from Lampung, Indonesia

First-time order from a Hoya Nursery in Lampung, Indonesia. I found this seller on Instagram. Someone mentioned his name when they were selling interesting hoya cuttings on a Facebook Group. After contacting the Nursery Owner and figuring out that he was the person I...

Fertilizers and Supplements for Houseplants

In this post, I will describe fertilizers and supplements I currently use for all houseplants at different stages: cuttings, lightly rooted plants, about-to-bloom or blooming hoyas, and mature plants. No deep dive into the pros and cons of the products. Just some...

The Ultimate Soil Mix for Hoya (no kidding!)

Growing Medium for Hoya Plants. From start to finish: from a cutting to a blooming mature plant.

Hoya Cuttings Online Store

Online store, offering different varieties of Hoyas as unrooted cuttings. Pots, soil mix, pins, trellises and more.

Etsy Store

Rooted Hoyas, Monstera, Philodendron, Scindapsus, and other plants in our Etsy Store.

eBay Store

Here, you can find Auctions on plants, starting at $0.99